I Love Eurovision (and you should too!)

It’s almost spring and that means Europe is preparing for the best non-sporting tournament in the world: the Eurovision Song Contest! While not a fan of any of the American song or music competitions, to say I look forward to Eurovision every year is a massive understatement. I’m straight up obsessed with it.


This is the contest that launched the career of ABBA and helped bring Celine Dion to the attention of non-Francophones the world over when she performed for Switzerland, which in 1988 was part of Quebec (jk). I have no idea how I got into Eurovision. Was it a European friend? Is it because I listen to a lot of Russian pop music? Regardless, it is a cult that I am really passionate about and I want you to be too. So I’ve selected some highlights and some fails from this year’s contest and I invite you to learn more and get really, really into some silly pop music with me. Even if you hate the songs, it makes a good drinking game.

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