Hockey History: The Oakland Skates & My Hockey Card Holy Grail

Last week I learned about Roller Hockey International, a league that existed for a few years in the 1990s (thanks to Marek, who mentioned it on the MvsW podcast). You can tell it was the 90s because all the RHI team logos look like they were made by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth in Corel Draw. Any of these logos alone qualify as a jersey foul, and some of the names, too: Radz, Rage, and Voodoo, looking at you.

Source:, best site ever Source:, best site ever

Some of these logos are confusing, like why is the cobra wearing a skate if he doesn’t have a foot? Is that a goal stick? Is the cobra a goalie? Wait, Arizona has cobras?! But I digress.

Do you see the Oakland Skates up there? When I first heard the name I pictured a green sweater with a white skate logo like the painted white skates the Oakland Seals wore, but I was wrong. It’s like the fish. They’re probably named for several types of skates that live in the San Francisco Bay with all the other frightening sea creatures. Or maybe the Oakland Skates are a band? Look at their first logo. We saw them open at Gilman that one time, right?

“Thank you guys for coming out tonight, we are Oakland Skates, this is the first track off our new record Roller Hockey”. (image source:

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Playoff Nails

In 2009, I started getting acrylic manicures during NHL playoffs so I wouldn’t bite my nails. My logic was that if I paid $30 for them, I wouldn’t bite them. It totally worked! Six years later, I do them myself because they’re finally naturally long and strong enough. Seriously, it broke my nailbiting habit. Playoff hockey is so intense it can break deep psychological fixations or dependencies.

Now I do my nails myself. Last year I tried a different colour on each hand–one for the Sharks and one for the Canadiens–but the whole time I felt very off because my hands didn’t match. I will probably never try that again, so I’m grateful the Sharks didn’t make it. This year I wanted to go big and do the hardest thing within reach, which was to basically make tiny sweaters on my nails. Maybe next year I’ll add numbers.


Products used:
American Classics Gelish (base and top)
Essie “Blanc” (white)
Essie “Lacquered Up” (red)
Sinful Colors “Endless Blue” (blue)
Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat
Vinyl stickers as guides for lines

At a salon, a manicure is anywhere from $15 to $30 dollars. Nail art is usually about $5 per nail. I used regular pilish, but Gelish makes my manicures last several days without issue (and I highly suggest you grab some at Sally Beauty). This would probably cost me $70 if I went to a salon and had someone do this for me.

Wait… $70?! I should be a nail tech.